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Megan Thee Stallion Reflects On Her Rise To The Top – Suggests Getting Advice From Beyoncé Is A Sign She Has Made It

Megan Thee Stallion has been on top in a big way over the past year with the release of singles like “Savage,” “Body,” and more. The star recently appeared on a late-night television show where she touched on what it was like to speak with Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles – two of her biggest idols – on a regular basis.

Hot New Hip Hop picked up on the star’s appearence on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert this week in which she revealed some of the advice Beyonce and Jay-Z have given her. According to Megan, she speaks with both of them fairly regularly.

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This all started after she signed a management deal with Roc Nation, and now the couple gives them advice regularly. Megan said to the host of the Late Show this week that “being able to speak to Beyoncé now” was a big deal to her.

The star described it as “great,” insinuating that it was a huge accomplishment and a sign of more good things to come in her life. Afterward, Megan was asked what kind of things they have been saying to her, and she said, “I would say Jay-Z gives the fun advice.”

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According to the rapper, if she’s not having a good day, Jay will tell her she needs to go out and party, live her best life and enjoy herself. Megan claims Jay’s suggestions are more in line with “Hot Girl” advice, while, Beyonce, on the other hand, gives more career inspiration and motivates her to continue working harder.

The fact Jay and Bey regularly give Megan Thee Stallion advice begs the question of whether they said anything to her about the Tory Lanez foot-shooting incident. As most know by now, Megan and Tory were involved in a brawl near the ending of the summer months which led to a hospital visit for Megan.

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Tory and Megan supposedly got into a fight over Kylie Jenner, were told to leave the party, and then exchanged words inside of the rapper’s SUV. After Megan got out of the car, Tory allegedly fired shots at her feet.