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Britney Spears Mocks Her Own Social Media Posts In IG Upload

Fans of Britney Spears know she has been in the headlines consistently ever since her rise in the music industry. However, she hasn’t always been reported on for positive reasons. Thankfully, this latest report is happier in tone, because Spears was on Instagram earlier in the week to poke fun at some of her older posts.

Page Six picked up on a selfie from the 36-year-old pop-star on Thursday in which she mocked the fact that she sometimes wears the same outfits and appearances. She wrote, “same shoot, same angle, same person, same shirt, different eyes.”

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Rather than attack her with negative remarks, one fan claimed they loved Britney’s posts even if they were similar in nature, or perhaps even the exact same. Apparently, Spears’ photo is similar to one she posted back in November.

You can check out the post for yourself below:

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As most fans of the iconic pop star know, the timing and content of Britney’s social media posts have sparked a lot of controversy in the past regarding their relevance and relation to her conservatorship battle. Britney’s father has had control over the pop star’s estate for many years, which her fans believe is unjust.

Many of her followers are in such disbelief over the state of Britney’s alleged living conditions that they’ve conspired together under a social media hash-tag, “#FreeBritney.” The social media movement’s goal is to free Britney from her alleged confinement, facilitated by her father.

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In the past, Britney’s dad, Jamie, did an interview with the New York Post in which he claimed the idea that he was stealing money from her was ludicrous. He says much of the money that is made from her estate is carefully monitored by the court and justice system.

In other words, Jamie argued that it was practically impossible for him to steal money from her estate because the court knows about every cent and where it all goes.

Regardless, proponents of the #FreeBritney movement are wholly convinced that Jamie has held Britney under his thumb for years as a means of exploiting her for his own financial gain.