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Warner Brothers Is Holding Secret Screenings Of The Canceled Batgirl Movie Starring Leslie Grace

Warner Brothers is going through a major shift after its merger with Discovery. The new management has a lot of ideas and a lot of plans and the current content is taking the full impact of it. The biggest impact of the new sheriffs in town was the complete cancellation of the Batgirl movie which was scheduled to be released on HBO Max. The film was given the boot in order to waive its tax liability among other reasons and Warner Brothers will have to prove that not one cent of profit was made from the film in order to do that.

However, it is a shame to spend $90 million on a film just for no one to ever see it and hence it has recently been revealed that Warner Brothers is holding secret screenings of the movie for the people in the industry. The report comes from The Hollywood Reporter and they have labeled these screenings as funeral screenings. After this, every physical existence of the film is expected to be destroyed in order to ensure that the film will not be used for profit to the tax officers.

Directors of the film Bilall Fallah and Adil El Arbi have openly admitted that after it was announced that the film was going to be canceled indefinitely they tried to log on to the database and secure the footage but found that their access had been removed.

Warner Brothers is bringing about a lot of change and one of the changes seems to be taking the focus away from streaming service releases and focusing on theatrical releases of premium quality. The new management at Warner Brothers has revealed that they are going to develop a 10-year plan for the DCEU that is going to be inspired by the model set by Marvel and the first 10 years of Marvel were definitely all about theatrical releases.

Hopefully, the new management knows what it is doing because fans’ faith in Warner Brothers especially in relation to the DC properties has been low for a while.