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Ready in 5! Paramount+’s ‘iCarly’ Season 3: Everything to Know

If you are looking for a dose of Nickelodeon nostalgia, the iCarly reboot on Paramount+ is the show for you.

Picking up where the original show left off, the iCarly reboot has all of the fun, humor and zany characters as the Nickelodeon version (minus Jennette McCurdy‘s Sam), but the protagonists are all grown-up this time around.

More than a decade has passed since this beloved kids’ TV show went off the air — and 10 years have passed in Carly’s world, too. The silly situations these characters face have been updated for an adult audience, reflecting changes to the social media landscape in the decade since we last saw Carly and her pals.

In the original iteration of iCarly, Carly Shay (Miranda Cosgrove) hosted a web show that streamed on the Internet (also titled “iCarly”). Now, Carly is a social media influencer who’s navigating the changing landscape of her career and the reality of what it takes to be an adult.

“To be perfectly honest, when I was first asked about maybe coming back, all the first talks about it started a couple years ago. And I was like, ‘No, we’re never gonna do that,’” the School of Rock actress told Variety in June 2022. “And I called [my original costars] Jerry [Trainor] and Nathan [Kress] and they were like, ‘No we shouldn’t do that.’ And then we just kept talking about it.”

Cosgrove added: “And we came up with the idea that because we’re adults now, and all the people that originally watched the show, they were kids that grew up and are adults now like us, we were like, ‘Why don’t we make the show for them?’ They’re the people that loved the show originally and they’re really who this is for. So that really gave us a lot of direction after we realized that we were all on board and wanted to do that. And it started to get really fun after that.”

The first season of the new iCarly debuted on Paramount+ in June 2021 with a 13-episode order. A second season was later greenlit, returning in 2022 with 10 new episodes.

“I was proud when I started producing the iCarly reboot, and people started listening to my ideas,” Cosgrove exclusively gushed to Us Weekly in March 2022, referring to her role as a producer on the revival. “I love being able to help write the comedy on the iCarly reboot.”

Paramount+ eventually announced the sitcom’s third season in July 2022, alongside a vague 2023 release date.

Scroll below for everything you need to know before the iCarly reboot’s third season returns: