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Game Pass Will Soon Include Death Stranding

Death Stranding by Kojima Productions will be available on Game Pass for PC starting on August 23, according to 505 Games.

The original release of Hideo Kojima’s widely regarded and genre-defying epic “falls in the Microsoft ecosystem for the first time, accessible to viewers registered to the PC version of Xbox Game Pass,” according to a media release from 505 Games.

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“The original version,” which implies that the Game Pass edition does not include the enhancements and changes made by Kojima Productions in Death Stranding Director’s Cut, is the critical term in the line mentioned above. New plot tasks, weaponry, delivery tools, and fighting techniques are all part of this.

This might be because Kojima Productions and Sony have already signed licensing deals. While the improvements were given access on Steam in March of this year, it’s possible that an established console exclusivity deal—the kind that Microsoft suggested as “blocking fees”—prevents the upgrade from being published on Microsoft’s platform.

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Director’s Cut initiated on PS4 and PS5 in September 2021. Another possibility is that Kojima Productions does not want to make every aspect of Death Stranding accessible to Game Pass subscribers.

In any case, there are plenty of activities in the base version of Death Stranding. The epic video game by Kojima Productions, in which you take control of post-apocalyptic deliveryman Sam Porter Bridges, is quite mechanically sophisticated and has a vast scope.

It is a gorgeous reproduction of Icelandic landscapes equipped with devices and gadgets that enable you to create roads and supply networks across what is meant to be a broken United States.

In his review of the game, Gamer alumnus Andy Kelly said that while the tale was a little excessive, he otherwise enjoyed it and that “any misgiving I have about it is ultimately blown out by majesty of traveling over that broad, rocky terrain.”