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Players Have Already Timed Mythic+15 Keystone Dungeons In World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Yesterday, Blizzard implemented the Mythic+ system into World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, an endgame content that brings timed adjusted dungeons to the fold. Today, players have already completed the highest difficulty.

To call it the “highest difficulty” is a bit innacurate, as the keys go higher than +15, but a +15 dungeon gives the highest available loot – so high that Blizzard hasn’t allowed players to obtain the appropriate loot yet. Because of this, the vast majority of players stop climbing difficulty at +15.

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Two groups have already managed to finish +15 keystone dungeons in time, knocking out the first and second places in the world to have done so.

The first group consists of the players Emoretian, Wao, Brokenshun, Keal, and JPC – Vengance Demon Hunter, Discipline Priest, two Fire Mages, and a Subtlety Rogue. The group managed to time a +15 Halls of Atonement with a bit more than half a minute to spare.

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The second group came only a few hours later, finishing a +15 Mists of Tirna Scithe with about nine seconds to spare. This group consisted of Divinefield, Zmen, Kronah, Ashineh, and Scoped – Vengeance Demon Hunter, Restoration Shaman, Balance Druid, and two Marksmanship Hunters.

It’s more than a bit impressive that players have managed to clear a +15 by now, much less having done so in time. The average gear score of these players all sit considerably lower than the gear dropped by these dungeons, to the point where virtually no group would accept the application later on in this expansion.

But these aren’t just average players, of course. Those that push this high of content this early are serious about their goal, and they’ve been working on the best method to do this for quite a while.

There are even some familiar names here, such as Divinefield. The tank claimed victory in the 2018 Mythic Dungeon International as well as participating in the first +15 back in Battle for Azeroth, so this is far from an untested group.

One of the most impressive parts is how hard the groups worked not just to clear the +15s but even to get to them. Players started with a +2 key for a random dungeon and found it upgraded at the end of each successful run using that key.

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Managing to upgrade the key all the way to +15 is a feat in and of itself, and being able to use it to complete the dungeon in time is just remarkable. This is far from the last impressive feat we’ll hear about for this expansion, but it’s truly mind-boggling for players that have been butting their heads against the new keystones for the last two days.