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New Single-Player Missions And A Character Creator Are Added To Red Dead Redemption 2 With The Update

Red Dead Redemption 2’s fantastic single-player experience is still alive in part because of this big modification that intends to introduce new adventures, people, and situations to the Rockstar sandbox. Red Dead Online patches and the souls of Rockstar’s leadership may have perished.

The Life of Crime mod by CruelMasterMC is still under development, but it already includes a character editor, new heist and train heist missions, and a fully realized prologue in which your character escapes from jail, meets their connection, and starts a criminal career.

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The game’s objective is to diverge from the core Arthur Morgan/John Marston plot and cast the player as another prison inmate trying to live on the plains of New Hanover.

Although Dutch van der Linde’s gang occasionally meets paths with your unidentified gunslinger in the game, thanks to CruelMasterMC’s work on scenes, the game was primarily intended to be a fresh take on the Red Dead single-player experience.

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The first iteration of Life of Crime, which featured Arthur as the main character, was released last year as a heist side mission. However, version 2.0 included a tonne of fresh material, such as cinematics, quests, and the option to choose a female or male lead.

Although there is still plenty to do, CruelMasterMC mentioned that they intend to create a whole tale, complete with scenes and voice-overs.

Given the eight-year gap between the first Red Dead Redemption and RDR 2, as well as the fact that Rockstar has all but announced it would be focusing on GTA 6 instead of Red Dead Online, Life of Crime may be the closest thing we have to a true continuation of the franchise in the near future.

CruelMasterMC asserts that the mod’s only purpose is to play as a completely new character that you using mp male or female designed, with all of your weapons and money erased.