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LeBron James, A Basketball Player, And Rick, Morty Will Now Be Included On The Multiversus Character List

In Warner Bros.’s free-to-play fighting game MultiVersus, the basketball player LeBron James from the comic animated feature film Space Jam: A New Legacy is a playable character.

From the Player First Games studio, video games, and developers. Rick and Morty from the well-known sci-fi animated series of the same name will be his and other fighting game heroes’ company, but only during the first season of the game.

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According to the gameplay trailer, James’ primary assaults consist of high-flying leaps and slamming down on opponents while holding a basketball.

John Bentley will be performing the voice even though James’ visage appears in the game. When the open beta becomes more broadly accessible on July 26, the basketball star will also be accessible.

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Although Rick and Morty’s maneuvers weren’t shown in full, Warner Bros. did provide a little preview of their skills in a press release. For example, Rick will be able to call forth figures such as Meeseeks with his portal rifle.

In contrast, Morty tends to utilize projectiles and counters and has the ability to “whip himself at opponents.” Rick’s online game activity was exposed a few days earlier; the future Rick and Morty stage, however, will feature the scientist from the infamous “Get Schwifty” episode firing and kicking.

The early MultiVersus tier lists mostly place bruisers like Taz, Batman, and Jake the Dog at the top, so it will be fascinating to see how these characters fit into those lists.

While still accessible on Steam at $40, $60, or $100 tiers, MultiVersus is currently in what it calls an “open beta.” On June 26, in conjunction with LeBron’s debut, a free tier will be accessible.

On July 26, the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC will all launch the MultiVersus Open Beta (Steam).