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KUWTK: Kourtney Kardashian Gets Acting Role In ‘She’s All That’ Film Remake Alongside Her BFF Addison Rae

Kourtney Kardashian is trying out something new – acting! According to new reports, the longtime reality TV star has joined the cast for the ‘She’s all That’ remake alongside her younger friend, Addison Rae!

Earlier today, the mom of three took to her platform to share a pic in which she was lounging in bed and seemingly reading her script for the movie.

Kourt wrote in the caption: ‘studying @hesallthatmovie,’ making it clear she was looking through her lines.

Then, Addison reshared Kourtney’s post on her IG Stories and called her BFF, her ‘work partner!’

The movie is a remake of the original Freddie Prinze Jr./Rachel Leigh Cook classic and Addison’s casting was previously announced back in October.

The remake appears to have switched the male and female main characters, hence the new title being ‘He’s All That,’ instead.

This means that the upcoming film will be about a ‘teenage girl who sets out to give her nebbish classmate the ultimate high school makeover,’ as per the bio.

He’s All That’s team cast Addison to portray Padgett Sawyer, while Tanner Buchanan will be playing Cameron Kweller.

As for the TikTok star and Kourtney Kardashian, the two became quite close friends this past summer, much to the confusion of some fans.

Social media users could not help but feel uncomfortable about their age gap.

It sounds like a lot of them were not sure what a 41 year old mom of three and a 19 year old influencer could ever have in common.

At some point, while hanging out at the pool, the two even did a bathing suit photo shoot together, which caused even more controversy!

Here are some of the reactions at the time: ‘This friendship still weirds me tf out.’ / ‘she is 41 and she is hanging around with 19 year olds in swimming pools.’

‘Do you suggest a better place. I’m looking for ideas…,’ Kourtney clapped back in response to the latter comment.