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Keke Palmer Shares an ‘Extreme Acne Makeup Coverage Tutorial’ — Watch

Keke Palmer Shares an 'Extreme Acne Makeup Coverage Tutorial' — Watch

Sharing both her struggles and solutions! Keke Palmer has been quite candid about her breakouts due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome — and now she’s telling fans how to conceal them, even the most severe kind.

On Sunday, December 6, the 27-year-old actress took to Instagram to share what she dubbed her “extreme acne makeup covered tutorial.”

In the 13-minute clip, she takes fans through her coverage routine, which consists of rehydrating the skin with Aquaphor, color correcting with MAC Studio Fix Correction Palette and, of course, lot’s of complexion product blending.

She says this love of makeup really kicked off back when she was in Cinderella on Broadway. “It was just so much fun,” she says. “Those memories are fond to me, when it comes to makeup.” Because, that’s not necessarily always the case. She explains that when you’re constantly covering up scars or hiding skin’s texture, makeup becomes associated with negative memories. “It can get to the point where you don’t even want to do it anymore. It can be hard and difficult.”

But when doing the stage show, it served as a great reminder that makeup can be more about celebration.

During the clip, the Nickelodeon alum is sure to note that just because this is her routine doesn’t mean it’s the right way or that everyone should be following exactly. Instead, she encourages people to do the research and play with their skin’s tones to truly discover what’s best for them. “This is MY process for those who asked,” she reiterates in the caption. “But use whatever works for you dolls.”

Watch the video above to check out her entire process and see all of Palmer’s techniques for achieving a flawless complexion. Or, as she classifies it, the look of a girl who just wakes up with great skin and doesn’t have to think about it.

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