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Hitman 3 Has A New Gameplay Trailer Out Now That Highlights The Adaptive Nature Of Assassination

The Hitman series has really seen a resurgence since IO Interactive decided to re-invent the series for modern times. The first two entries do a great job at giving players limitless possibilities as far as how they approach assassination.

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Want to be stealthy and use technology to your advantage? That’s possible. Want to be more direct and use some heavy firepower? That’s also possible. The added freedom looks to be showing up in spades in the upcoming Hitman 3 as shown in the trailer up above.

Once again, players will get to take on the role of Agent 47 — one of the world’s most skilled and feared contract assassins. He’s made a name for himself throughout this franchise, like an unstoppable force with endless ways to take out assigned targets.

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In Hitman 3, you’ll be taking on some of the most difficult challenges to date. Every threat is guarded in a different way. You’ll have to study their details closely to figure out the best path for a successful assassination.

It all starts with how you enter the premises or area that the target is near. Up in the trailer, a couple of scenarios are presented. Agent 47 can take the high route, gaining access to platforms that grant him entry up above. Or he can take a more direct approach and grab a keycard from the appropriate security guard.

The highlight here — like in the previous two Hitman games — is the freedom of choice. There is no one right way. Just endless possibilities that lend themselves well to players of any skill and experience with the series.

Using disguises looks to be like one of the safest bets for blending in with your surroundings. Of course, you don’t want to get too close to those in charge because they can call you out at the most inopportune times.

The trailer then goes into some of the resources that Agent 47 can use to carry out his master plans. You have the standard options like pistols with silencers and heavy-duty sniper rifles, but there are other ways you can take out targets without even having to pick up a weapon.

For example, you can mess with an elevator’s security settings and then push targets down elevator shafts for a lethal fall. Again, you get to decide what the best path is. Sometimes your original plans may not work out, in which case you’ll have to adapt on the fly.

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If you weren’t excited for Hitman 3’s potential, you should be now after seeing this trailer. The developer is doubling down on the choice system and environmental details. It’s not even out yet and already, IO Interactive deserves credit for their continued effort to make the franchise better.