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Zahara Was Dropped Off At Spelman College By Her Mother, Angelina Jolie

Darryl Holloman, the vice president for student affairs at the university, shared images of the “Maleficent” star on Instagram while she was dressed all in black for move-in day.

The teen, on the other hand, wore pants and a green top. She posed for a picture in her new bedroom while wearing a black face mask.

When questioned about her feelings over the significant occasion, Jolie confessed, “I’m going to cry if I speak about today. I’ve held it together thus far without sobbing, so perhaps I can continue.

She continued by expressing her “excitement” about becoming the mother of a Spelman student. When the two visited an Atlanta-based university conference in Los Angeles this past month, the Oscar winner divulged her eldest daughter’s college aspirations.

Jolie posted a message to Instagram on August 1 with the remark, “Welcome to all incoming freshmen beginning this year.” It is a privilege to have a family member join the Spelman girls, and a very special place.

During that week, the ex-husband of the director, Brad Pitt, raved about Zahara ‘s college ambitions, claiming that he is “happy” with his “brilliant” daughter.

The 58-year-old actor stated to Vanity Fair on August 2 that “She’s going to bloom much more at college.” Finding her own path and pursuing her hobbies is a thrilling and lovely time. I’m very pleased. Where does the time go, you may ask? They develop too quickly.

The ex-couple is also the parent of twins Knox and Vivienne, 14, Maddox, 21, Pax, 18, and Shiloh, 16, and was divorced in 2016 and was made mandatory alone three years later.

To attend Yonsei College, Maddox traveled to South Korea in August 2019. At his drop-off, Jolie was the only mother there. The “Salt” actor admitted at the moment, “I’m attempting not to cry.”