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When Is The Exact Release Date For MultiVersus Unlock?

MultiVersus, the Warner Bros. version of Smash Bros for PC, is surprisingly good, in our opinion. You won’t need to pay for the $40 founder’s edition when you can soon decide for yourself. You can also become a Batman main dunking on Velma if you simply have a little more patience. Although I wouldn’t blame you if you weren’t sure, MultiVersus is going to be completely free to play. The game had a restricted alpha earlier this year, and last Wednesday it became a $40, $60, and $100 “open beta early access” title on Steam. However, considering that users had to pay to participate, MultiVersus is neither early access (it isn’t advertised as an Early Access game on Steam) nor genuinely an open beta. But starting on Tuesday, it will be available on Steam for free, making it “open” for use by anybody.

Time for MultiVersus open beta unlock On Tuesday, July 26 at 9:00 AM PDT, MultiVersus will begin its free open beta. What that means in other contexts is as follows:

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    PDT: July 26 at 9 a.m.EDT: July 26 at noonBST: July 26 at 5 p.m.CET: July 26 at 6 p.m.AEST: July 27 at 2 a.m.

The MultiVersus open beta will be accessible at those times throughout the Americas, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand on PC, PlayStation 4/5, and Xbox One/S/X. When MultiVersus finally exits “open beta,” it will remain free to play, therefore there is no benefit to delaying play through July 26.

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WB states on their open beta FAQ webpage that “In the coming months, MultiVersus will continue to get updates with new characters, maps, seasonal content, and more. The Open Beta has not yet reached its conclusion.” In-game cash and a premium “Preseason Battle Pass” are still available, and a season one battle pass is scheduled to launch on August 9. So regardless of what WB says, I believe that this is the actual launch date for MultiVersus. The people with a head start access have already determined that Taz is OP and Velma is poo tier, so if you’re trying to choose who to start Tuesday with, Taz is the obvious choice.