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Weird West Update 1.04, An Interactive Video Game, Is Launching In September

Mid-September will see the release of the next significant update (1.04) for the role-playing game Weird West, according to developer Wolfeye Studios.

On our end, July and August were a little slower than normal due to our developers’ much-needed holidays.

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However, we just wanted to let you know that the free Nimpossible update for version 1.04 will be available on all platforms in the second week of September. So, it won’t be much longer now!

Other than the fact that the Impossible game mode, an alternative and experimental new targeting mechanism (which may be turned on or off at any time), and a number of community-reported bug fixes will be included in the update, its contents have not been made public.

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Fans may currently anticipate a new game mode called Nimpossible, a different and experimental targeting mechanism, as well as other bug patches and community-requested adjustments. In less than a month, players will have a lot to look forward to!

In Weird West, players travel to the Wild West, a place full of gunslingers and lawmen, where they must discover the backstories of numerous characters, make difficult choices, and navigate a variety of challenges.

In addition, the game is an immersive simulator where every choice made matters and has a significant impact on the future.

The features are Weird West is a dark fantasy reinvention of the Wild West in which lawmen and gunslingers coexist on the frontier with magical creatures, each of whom operates under a different set of rules and has peculiar goals.

Explore the universe by learning about the beginnings of many people, progressing from one character’s path to the next until they all come together in the final chapter of Intertwined Destinies.

Customizable Experience: Each playtime is distinct because the game adapts the plot to the player’s decisions and past actions in order to create the optimum dramatic arc.