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Torchlight 3 Is Set To Leave Early Access On October 13

Torchlight 3 has been in Early Access since June of this year. So far, it has received mixed reviews on the Steam platform. Many have voiced their opinions with its repetitive nature and lack of deep progression, but over the months, it has gradually gotten better.

The developer is doing everything it can to implement changes based on what the community has requested since Torchlight 3 first launched into Early Access. If you’ve held out on playing this action RPG in order to see what the final product will be like, the wait is almost over.

A full launch goes down on October 13, which is just a couple of weeks out. So how much different will the full version be compared to what players have already been privy to? That’s the real question, but the developer has already outlined what’s coming fortunately.

For starters, the single-player campaign will be available that can be played without an internet connection. There are a lot of fans of multiplayer, but it’s always nice when a game also provides a gripping story to get wrapped up in. According to developer notes, the story is better than what is was going to be.

There will be new bosses and the character leveling has dramatically been reworked to provide more variety and excitement. A complete third act also will be available when Torchlight 3 launches in October. Other notable improvements that will be present include improved Relic crafting and better legendary items.

If you want the full list, you can check out the developer’s notes. It is worth noting that they’re not done. These are just a couple of changes that the developer wanted to make when the full version of Torchlight 3 released. They’re off to a good start, but if they really want this game to be a success, they’ll have to keep their nose to the grindstone.

The game didn’t start off on the smoothest path, but as so often is the case with video games, how you finish things is what truly counts. Who knows what the end result will be like a couple of months post-launch? For right now, though, players have a lot to look forward to yet.

And if you can get past the lingering issues still present, Torchlight 3 is a fun experience. Collecting epic gear, traveling the wilderness, and teaming up with friends provide a great RPG experience that could get much better with time.