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The Hero Shooter Rocket Arena Is Still Free For Those With Amazon Prime

Hero-based shooters are still coming out left and right it seems. You have the big dogs that have been around forever like Overwatch and then you have new entries coming out all of the time like Valorant.

One of the more recent additions from Final Strike Games is Rocket Arena, which debuted back in July of this year. It features third-person shooter action online, where rockets are the main theme incorporated throughout gameplay.

It has a pretty decent rating on Steam so it’s clear the developer did enough to innovate this pretty crowded space. If you haven’t yet played it and have an Amazon Prime account, you still have the ability to claim it for free on PC.

Rocket Arena will be free until October 10 so that’s plenty of time to check out the rocket-based shooting mechanics for yourself if you want. All you have to do is log into your Prime account through the Prime Gaming portal. From there, you can pick up a product code and use it with Origin launcher.

That’s pretty simple and you certainly can’t complain at a free shooter that has a lot of decent elements. Rocket Arena didn’t have the largest splash when it first released, but over the last few months, it has built up a steady user-base.

There are a lot of unique aspects that help this game stand out amongst its competitors, such as not being able to die. Instead of losing a life, you simply get bounced out of the arena and then can come back in soon after. That takes a lot of pressure away and makes this shooter based around just having fun.

Think of it like a family-friendly shooter where everyone can just enjoy using their selected hero. Speaking of heroes, there is a pretty decent offering so far. Each hero has unique abilities that are based around rockets in some way. Their special attacks are particularly distinct.

Rocket Arena also has a welcoming cartoonish style that many have grown particularly fond of. They’re very reminiscent of the visuals in Fortnite. You may not want to pay to play this game, but for a couple of more days, you don’t have it.

The developer wants to build up their fanbase even more and making this game free is a great way to do it, at least every now and then throughout the year. Let’s see if this strategy pays off.