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The Competitive Shooter Rocket Arena Is Still Free For PS Plus Members

The competitive shooter Rocket Arena is one of the more unique games in this space. Instead of featuring high-def, authentic mechanics, it has a more playful style of combat centered around rocket mechanics.

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Every hero in this game has unique abilities centered around rockets in some capacity. The game also is unique in that players can never truly die. They’re simply bounced out of the stage for a temporary period of time and can return to keep the rocket action going.

If you’ve held out on playing this third-person shooter or simply haven’t found a good deal, it’s currently free for those with a PS Plus membership. Considering its fun mechanics and approachable design, it’s a deal worth taking PlayStation up on throughout the month of December.

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Again, you won’t find a lot of competitive shooters like it today. There are a lot of these games that have a high skill ceiling, and Rocket Arena does too but not in a punishing way. You can approach this game without a lot of experience with this genre and still participate in the fun action.

If things don’t go your way, that’s okay. You will never be kept out of the action for long like a lot of other shooters force you to deal with. You’ll simply get put back on the stage and can resume taking on opponents however you please.

The rocket mechanics really do feel unique from character to character. There is thus plenty of skills and special abilities to master each time you come back for the non-stop action that makes time fly right by.

A lot of focus is also put on how your character moves. If you’re not angled just right, your attacks will completely miss. Movement also counts when trying to be defensive. You have to be quick in evasive maneuvers if you wish to avoid getting bounced out of the stage.

Rocket Arena has a lot of support too, with consistent in-game content like weekly challenges that make you want to come back for cool rewards. If you’ve missed out on the party, it’s not too late. You can put that PS Plus membership to use if you have it.

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And if you don’t, there are always exciting freebies that let you get a lot of bang for your buck. It has been a staple for PlayStation and that doesn’t look to be changing any time soon.