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Splashy Cube Is A Minimalistic Puzzle Experience Headed to Nintendo Switch

Enter into the world of blobs, cubes, and splashing. The minimalistic adventure of Splashy Cube from No Gravity Games and Red Dev Studio has announced that as of December 11th it will be headed to Nintendo Switch. This title is a unique puzzle atmosphere that gets progressively harder the more you learn about it. Prepare to splash, bounce, and splash some more in this puzzle world.

This title looks like it was originally designed for a mobile audience. Although it is fitting nicely onto the Nintendo Switch, the simple nature and evolving atmosphere make it fit in as a mobile title. Anyone who pre-orders this game will be able to receive 20% off for a limited time.

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You are a cube that eats blobs in this game. Dress up your unique cube and enjoy some colorful graphics, exciting adventures and simple gameplay. You can only eat blobs that are the same color as you, as you are allergic to different color blobs, so be careful just how many times you splash and roll.

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This is a simple labyrinth style puzzle game that sets players in several colorful maps. Avoid different color blobs, spikes, and falling off the map as you attempt to eat as many tasty blobs as possible.

This is a game that enjoys being a “one more level” experience. After completing each match, the game urges players to continue on in a tempting and simple way. Enjoy completing puzzle after puzzle as you unlock skins and enjoy other minor perks.

The game includes tons of colorful levels and a very simple set of gameplay controls. Mix that with cute graphics and the game is an instant classic on any platform. Players must complete each level and score as many points as possible while traveling through a unique and driving experience.

Compete against other players on a national leaderboard as you push your score higher and higher. Remember, same color blobs are good and different color blobs are poison.

From the looks of things this title is great for players of all ages. There is not much in this that could be seen as offensive or harmful. As long as a player can understand puzzles, they will be able to enjoy and progress in this title.

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Splashy Cubes is set to release on Nintendo Switch as of December 11th. Explore more information on the game’s Nintendo eShop page or preorder this unique title.