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Shep’s ‘F–king Idiot’ Diss Leaves Taylor in Tears on ‘Southern Charm’

Drama in the south. The Southern Charm cast’s getaway was anything but relaxing after multiple stars feuded and Shep Rose left Taylor Ann Green in tears.

During the Thursday, August 25, episode of the Bravo series, Shep, 42, called his then-girlfriend, 27, a “f—king idiot” after she smashed his egg during a playful game. The verbal attack, which took place on day two of the group’s trip to Yemassee, South Carolina, didn’t sit well with anyone.

“He can’t talk to you like that, that is insane,” Naomie Olindo told Taylor before the ladies left the game. “That’s abusive as f—k.” (Us Weekly confirmed in July that Shep and Taylor had split after two years.)

Austen Kroll, for his part, admitted during a confessional that he’d seen Shep “be rude” to Taylor “a few times” in the past. “It doesn’t sit well and it shouldn’t sit well with Taylor either,” the Kings Calling Brewing Co. founder, 35, explained.

Craig Conover also weighed in on the explosive moment during an on-camera interview. “I’m just disappointed. I’ve never seen him talk to Taylor like that,” the Winter House star, 33, said. “I’ve seen him talk to other people like that but not his girlfriend. It’s just bad.”

Shep’s cousin Marcie Hobbs revealed during her confessional, “I’ve known Shep all my life and he’s just always been like that. He has tantrums. He cusses at his mom. He knows better, because he was raised better.”

Shep’s drama with Taylor, however, wasn’t the only thing that caused a stir during episode 10. Craig blew up at Austen following a short-lived fight with Shep. “Craig is triggered and angry that he is on a trip with his ex [Naomie] who is hooking up with Whitney [Sudler-Smith]. And then turns his anger toward me,” Austen explained to the cameras. “It’s like, you truly need to look in the mirror because you’re a–hole No. 1.” (Naomie, 30, revealed during the August 18 episode that she and Whitney, 54, hooked up after their group’s dog wedding.)

Olivia Flowers, who was also feuding with Austen during the episode, jokingly commented on the bromance issues during her own confessional. “I should have known his lover’s quarrel with Craig was going to continue to be a thing,” the 30-year-old said.

Craig, for his part, later admitted to the cameras that his and Austen’s relationship “certainly has its flaws,” noting, “I need to fully accept him so when I’m drunk, I don’t blow up at him for all the things that piss me off that he does.”

Austen, meanwhile, seemingly made up with his BFF, but he was still upset that he got caught in the crossfire of Craig’s misguided anger. “There’s no way in hell that I’m in the wrong on this,” Austen said in a confessional. “I’m not apologizing to Craig for s—t.”

Scroll down for highlights from season 8, episode 10:

Southern Charm airs on Bravo Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET.