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Shaquille O’Neal Flirts With Megan Thee Stallion And His Son Has A Hilarious Reaction!

Shaquille O’Neal has the hots for Megan Thee Stallion! The man showed her some love by leaving a flirty comment on one of her newest IG Live sessions and fans noticed!

Not only that but his son, Shareef, noticed as well and he approves!

After seeing his dad flirting with the much younger woman, he took to his Tik Tok account to share his super funny reaction in a video.

That’s right! It appears that Shaquille O’Neal is interested in Megan Thee Stallion romantically and he did not shy away from showing this publicly!

The eye-catching comment he left under her latest IG Live reads: ‘Watching that booty.’

Obviously, that kind of comment could not have passed unseen by social media users but what made the whole thing even more notable was that Shareef took notice as well!

The 20 year old then shared a video on Tik Tok in which he could be seen reacting to his father’s comment!

At first, he showed confusion which then quickly turned into shock, his eyes wide as he rubbed his head.

In the caption, he simply wrote: ‘I feel you pops,’ adding side eye and laughing face emojis as well.

Shaq has been single for nearly a decade following his divorce from Shaunie in 2011.

Furthermore, his social media platform is usually all about basketball so this kind of overt flirting was a surprise to his fans and it got a lot of attention!

Of course, he has a lot of competition since Megan is so popular lately so he might want to try a little bit harder if he wants to properly shoot his shot!

A few days ago, for instance, she posted a no makeup selfie as well, proving how stunning she is without any help from different products and fans kept asking for her to reveal her skincare routine!

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