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Sentinels of Freedom Released On April 16, But Now It Is Available On Even More Platforms

Sentinels of Freedom is a spin-off title of the Sentinals of the Universe board game. Based on the Sentinels Comics roleplaying game, players turn to this unique turn-based strategy experience where they play as divergently different characters with some unique abilities.

Enjoy a unique freeform strategy game set in a superhero world. There is a full single-player campaign mixed with several smaller side stories that embrace the world of Sentinel Comics. Become the hero you always wanted to be as you embrace this unique strategy experience.

Enter into a unique story-driven campaign as you enter the universe of Sentinel Comics. Join forces with a team go good doing heroes as you face a wide variety of villains and crimes. Watch as a bank heist turns out to be the start of a much wider and sinister set of evil schemes.

This is a unique turn-based strategy experience where players build a team of heroes and battle it out in several unique situations. Enjoy a full story campaign designed by the writers and creators of Sentinel Comics. The world echos with their design as you slowly become a hero of your own creation.

Enjoy a unique freeform movement system that allows players to move their character practically anywhere. Rather than being restricted to a grid, players can move across the terrain and enter into unique situations.

Enter into a unique mix of heroes that can work together with unique squad dynamics. As you learn about each of your heroes find ways to synergize their unique skills in combat situations and unleash powerful abilities.

The games many maps include multiple objectives, unique interactions, and real danger. Try and navigate difficult battle situations as you lead your team of heroes to victory time and time again. Watch as the environment evolves in real and believable fashions.

Players are even given the freedom to create their own hero with a unique backstory, archetype, powers and appearance. As you customize your hero you can equip multiple stances that provide extra boosts in battle and additional powerful abilities.

Enter into large scale missions as you travel across fresh and unique battle environment. This is a game about taking the initiative and avoiding crises as you try and become the ultimate super hero.

Sentinels of Freedom released on Steam back in April 16 of this year, but now it is available on Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch for interested fans to purchase.