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Rust August Features Enhanced Lighting, More Rail Features, And Other Changes

The CEO of Bandai Namco stated that Blue Protocol should be anticipated soon after this year. Now that Hiroshi Yoshida is the company’s general manager, I once again formally opted to certify the same.

It is now evident that Bandai Namco is overhauling its online division, but only if the reason for such a decision was unknown before this. Actually, that is the reason they give such ambiguous terminology and are unable to elaborate.

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Recently, the developer revealed the August patch for Rust, which, like many of these releases, includes a variety of adjustments.

Two new throwables a flash bang and a Molotov cocktail have also been included. Additionally, general lighting has been improved, and there have been changes made to the quality of life, such as updated wooden paneling and the ease of scaling cliffs. The modifications to the surface rail system are probably among the most significant changes in this version.

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Although it was simply a “proof of concept” when it was first introduced, Rust’s rail functionality was implemented back in April, and this latest version has made several enhancements.

To begin with, the Trainyard region of the map now has a rail connection and has received a new tower of its own. A few changes have also been made to railroad spurs, which can now produce wagons that can’t be loaded with ore like iron or sulphur, fuel, or even plunder.

The Work Cart engine’s power has been decreased, according to the article on the game’s Steam page. Facepunch seems eager to keep things moving in its harsh title.

To update for July, War Combat was able to be more evenly balanced thanks to various loading optimizations, as well as the customary cavalry of bug fixes and general improvements.

Additionally, the group is preparing for a World War competition on August 9th involving numerous Twitch streamers from around the world.