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Reveal GTA 6 Reduces The Number Of Leads From Four To Two And From Three To One

According to an Axios source, the sixth GTA would be substantially more significant than the fifth, according to Rockstar: three cities and four main protagonists were planned for the game.

Similar information was published by Bloomberg, claiming that the creators had initially intended to include places from North and South America in Grand Theft Auto VI but had now given up on the idea.

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Following this week’s publication of a thorough development report, the much anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 has since made several further statements that provide a clearer image of the initial vision for the project.

According to Schreier’s claim this week, Rockstar employees were under less pressure because GTA 6 had eliminated the larger North and South American map zones instead of concentrating on Vice City. Consequently, a Latina woman would be one of the two main protagonists and the other half of a Bonnie and Clyde-like partnership.

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At one point, a person with knowledge of Rockstar revealed to me that GTA VI was initially intended to contain three cities and four significant characters. So Jason Schreier’s speech—one city, two protagonists, and expansion ideas—sounds good to me.

Although there isn’t a tonne of new information, it does provide a better understanding of how much Rockstar finally decided to scale back the project to establish a more controllable development cycle and a healthier, more sustainable working environment for their staff.

However, more information from Axios confirms just how much of a slimdown this was. One more than GTA 5, and a departure from every game before that, which featured just one playable character, GTA 6 was initially intended to have four leads, according to Totillo’s email. Instead, it was reduced to two. The present two appear to have been among the original four, though it is not explicitly stated.