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Rebel Wilson Works Out With A Bottle Of Vodka While Wearing Gucci

Rebel Wilson is living her best life possible and after declaring 2020 her year of health, she’s slimmed down and toned up. Now she’s shared a video of herself working out with a bottle of vodka — yes, a bottle of vodka! Rebel is known for her amazing sense of humor and her funny bone was on full display as she demonstrated her latest workout while vacationing on a yacht. Not only did Rebel hilariously put the bottle of vodka to good use, but she looked fabulous doing so. Rebel Wilson wore the Wool dress with Interlocking G in the color red. The dress is from Gucci and retails for approximately $1980.

Performing the workout on a yacht with her boyfriend Jacob Busch, Rebel was seen lifting, curling, and performing squats with the 4.5L bottle of vodka. Rebel looked gorgeous in the red and white Gucci dress with a picturesque view of Monaco in the background.

Rebel wore her blonde hair half pulled back, and half loose with her bangs framing her face. Her makeup was light and natural as she hoisted the vodka bottle up above her head and then brought it back down for a rep.

Rebel stated the following.

“Hey guys, I’d like to show you my new workout routine. Basically, we are just going to work the biceps.”

The entire video was extremely humorous and has 162,000 likes.

You may see the video that Rebel Wilson shared with her 8.7 million Instagram followers below.

It’s believed that Rebel has lost at least 40 pounds since committing 2020 to her health journey. She’s been training and showing off her gorgeous looks on social media. She and Jacob have taken their relationship public and both continue to share photos and videos taken with each other on their social media accounts. Though the two have an 11-year-age gap (Rebel is 40 and Jacob is 29), they seem to be getting along splendidly.

What do you think about Reble’s red Gucci dress? Do you like the look on her?

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