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Princess Love’s Christmas Photo Shoot With The Kids Has Fans In Awe

Princess Love‘s Christmas photo shoot has fans in awe. Check out the kids in the video that she shared.

‘Christmas shoot with my little loves ❤️ Their first photo shoot together. Without @a1hair_ and @hotlikefirre I don’t know how I could’ve pulled this off 😩😂 #SwipeLeft 📸 @shannonlaurine’ Princess Love captioned the post.

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Someone said: ‘How freaking cute are they in the back getting the babies to smile. I love it 😭’ and another follower posted this: ‘Why was I already saying awe when the sound wasn’t even on yet 😭’

A commenter said: ‘The future 😍😍🌸🌸❤️❤️happy holidays,’ and one other follower said: ‘Lmaaaaaaoooo mom struggles they’re GOATS for that. Okaaaaay they better jig for the kids honey 😩😂😍’

Someone else said: ‘the things you gotta do to get kids to sit still and smile 😩’

A follower said: ‘Whether she’ work things out with ray j or not I feel like she will continue to push through and be happy regardless!!!! You can tell her kids are her number one priority!!!! She’s such a good mom♥️’

A commenter posted this: ‘Hope the photographer got that cute shot of him falling back on her.’

Someone else said: ‘She’s like “oh no, did I accidentally choke my baby brother while trying to make him sit still? That was horribly Imaginable if I got choked.” She felt so horrible we know you ain’t mean it 🌷’

Other than this, Princess Love and Ray J seem to be over for good.

Back in November, it was revealed that a few months since Ray J filed for divorce from Princess Love but last month, the on-again, off-again pair appeared in a clip on Instagram together!

As a result, their fans were convinced they were back together!

Before that, Princess Love posed a question for her fans on social media, and a lot of people were shocked.

The gorgeous lady was asking people if she should make an Only Fans account.