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Porsha Williams Reminds Fans To Watch A New RHOA Episode Today

Porsha Williams reminds fans to watch a new RHOA episode today. See her message below.

‘All new #Rhoa Episode tomorrow… Only on @bravotv 🔥🍑’ Porsha posted the other day.

Someone said: ‘Please do! because some people are pressed by your existence chile😂,’ and a follwoer said: ‘Peridot Porsha. Kenya is just a hating miserable person. That’s why Marc twirled right on out that marriage. 💃🏾’

A commenter said: ‘Keep ignoring her. Don’t give her the attention she’s seeking,’ and someone else posted this: ‘Your the Only reason I watch throw rest of the whole castaway bring nene back 😩.’

A fan said: ‘Minding the business that pays you does the body good 🔥some people need to take notes 🤸🏾‍♀️’ and one other follower posted this message: ‘Really not liking your storyline this season. Looks like they are really dragging it. It looks so boring this season. And no im not a fan of Nene.’

A commenter posted this message: ‘If it wasn’t for you I would have absolutely no reason to watch #RHOA it’s a snooze fest 😥’, and a follower said: ‘It’s obvious you are embedded in folks motha f’in brain.’

A follower said this: ‘Hey Porsha mind mine for a minute and I’ll send you a Pum Pum care package,’ and someone else said: ‘Exactly!!! Imaging having ur own situation with a nutty husband but worried about what other grown women are doing!!! She has to do this because Bravo the only one giving Kenya any screen time meanwhile my good Sis Porsha is booked from the Bravo Chatroom to Dish and everything else in between.’

A commenter posted this: ‘Kenya is working overtime to make people hate Porsha. I have not even heard Porsha say anything about Kenya. Like girl move on. Kenya is such a negative person. She hates the fact that people love Porsha. The more she talks negatively about her more I dislike her.😩’

Porsha Williams shared a video featuring Grinch that has fans laughing like there’s no tomorrow in the comments.

Check out the post she shared.

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