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Pokémon Illumination Event Returns In Japan To Light Up Fans’ Lives

Japan’s Sagamiko Resort has announced plans to hold the Pokémon Illumination outdoor event. Unlike other indoor events that have decided to stay online this year, the Pokémon Illumination event is completely outdoors and allows guests to stay socially distanced.

The Sagamiko Resort’s mountaintop area has been transformed into a region where Pokémon live and play. The event contains four separate areas featuring different groups of Pokémon. Guests can choose to visit only one area or a pass to visit all four locations.

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The Eevee Rainbow Lift contains an automatic chairlift where visitors can watch different light shows on the ground below. The lights are displayed to represent the different types of Eevee. From there is the Pokémon Ferris Wheel, where 36 different Pokémon appear. The ride goes up to 420 meters in the air.

Pokémon Street contains multiple monsters, all represented by brilliant light shows. There are some Pokémon statues on the ground as well that are waiting to welcome guests. This is the ideal photo spot for visitors and groups to take photos together and create new memories.

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The fourth area is the Pikachu Light Forest. In this region, a special light show is held with sounds from various Pokémon.

During the event are special days where twin Pikachu will participate in a light show on a stage. These events will take place on the weekends and other special holidays. The event won’t occur if there’s rain, and the times will change depending on sunset.

The event grounds will have a place for visitors to grab a snack. Anyone who orders one meal from the limited selection will receive a special Pokémon Illumination placemat. Those who order a limited drink will receive one of eight limited-edition coasters. There are seven normal versions plus a rare Pikachu edition where light shines from the top of its head.

Anyone who makes a $30 or higher purchase will receive a bright yellow Pokémon Illumination themed tote bag. Since Japan began charging for plastic bags, this reusable tote bag will be helpful for anyone currently traveling within the country.

The Pokémon Illumination event contains more than six million lights to make it a very bright event. The event grounds are taking priority to protect its guests. All visitors are required to have their temperatures taken and use hand disinfectant at admission. Guests are also asked to wear masks when entering and social distance from others.

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The Pokémon Illumination event will take place from November 14, 2020 until April 4, 2021.