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Paul McCartney Supports Johnny Depp at Glastonbury Festival

Sir Paul McCartney , 80, took the stage at the Glastonbury Festival. During his performance, he honored his good friend Johnny Depp by playing the song “My Valentine.”

According to The Daily Mail, Paul showed a black-and-white video of Johnny in the song’s video while he hummed and played the tune.

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With this action, he decided to befriend Johnny shortly after a successful defamation trial against his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

In June 2022, the actor was awarded $10 million, which Amber must pay in the lawsuit. However, Amber has since filed an appeal against the verdict, which divorce attorney Rayford Dalton Palmer advises against doing in this situation.

“Her chances of success on appeal are very slim. Any deal will include a confidentiality agreement and no humiliation clause with a liquidated damages clause so that she does not repeat slanderous statements and any other negative statements about Depp.

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In my opinion, he would buy her silence by releasing some or all of the judgment,” he told the American media.

However, during Glastonbury, Paul himself did not speak openly about the chaotic trial, which was widely covered in the media.

Despite this, the audience was reportedly cheered when the Johnny tape hit the scene, the same one Paul had used on his recent Get Back tour before the verdict was delivered.

The recording shows how the star of the film “Edward Scissorhands” along with Natalie Portman, plays the guitar and translates the lyrics into sign language.

As for the British musician, this performance makes Paul the oldest headliner in the festival’s history and his first appearance at the venue since 2004.


The former Beatles member paid tribute to the late John Lennon and performed with George Harrison’s ukulele. He also brought legendary rocker Dave Grohl onto the stage to perform several songs, including the hit “Band On The Run.”