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Pale Waves presented the single and video ‘Jealousy’

Sometimes jealousy in a relationship can be helpful. Pale Waves released the song “Jealousy” and showed a stylish black and white video for it.

In this track, the group’s vocalist Heather Baron-Gracie admits that she has nothing against moderate jealousy in a relationship.

According to Baron-Gracie, if she sees jealousy from a partner, then she understands that a person really needs only her.

The video for “Jealousy” was directed by Vasilisa Forbes, a British artist of Russian origin. She has already worked with Pale Waves on the “Lies” video.

“Jealousy” will be featured on Pale Waves’ third album, “Unwanted,” which will be released on August 12 via Dirty Hit. This is the third single from the record:

the musicians previously released the tracks “Lies” and “Reasons To Live.” As Heather Baron-Gracie said, the album turned out to be “honest, provocative and loud”: on it, the group talks about feelings that are important not only for themselves but also for their fans.

Pale Waves’ latest album, “Who Am I?” was released in February 2021. It was named one of the best indie rock albums of the year by Billboard magazine, noting its “crunchy guitar sound” and “peppy pop hooks.”

In a previous post, Pale Waves presented the track “Reasons To Live” – ​​soulful, honest and emotional. In terms of sound, it resembles the work of Avril Lavigne, a longtime idol of the group.

Pale Waves vocalist Heather Baron-Gracie had this to say about the song:

‘Reasons To Live’ is about a time when I felt exhausted and unable to be happy. But then I found a man who showed me the meaning of life.”

“Reasons To Live” will be featured on Pale Waves’ third album, “Unwanted,” which is slated for release on August 12. Also, on the record, you can hear the song “Lies,” released in May.