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One Of The Reasons Ryan Gosling Signed On For His Most Recent Movies, The Gray Man And Barbie, According To Him, Was Because Of His Two Daughters

For many years, Ryan Gosling , 48, has been blissfully dating Eva Mendes . And while he still frequently has fairly interesting movies in his filmography, he is taken off far less frequently than his fans would want.

Many of the actor’s admirers have noted that since the birth of his kids, Ryan appears to have made the decision to prioritize his family and only accepts the most intriguing jobs.

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Gosling acknowledged that he values being a father above all other roles. The actor was open about the fact that he chose to be in The Gray Man because it would provide him the chance to travel the world with his children and introduce them to a range of new places in an interview with Heat magazine.

It was amusing that we traveled to France and saw the Louvre. The females, however, would have responded, “The fruit platter in the hotel,” if I had asked them now, Gosling laughed. He also acknowledged that he took on the role of Ken to share his work with his girls.

Of course, it’s not only about daughters. However, they are starting to realize what I’m doing now. They are, however, quite curious as to why I am filming the part of Ken because no one else wants to play them. I want to share his story because of it,” Ryan said.

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The star of The Notebook recently discussed another amusing incident that occurred while filing The Gray Man on Good Morning America.

He recalled one moment in particular and remarked, “The whole sequence depends on me being chained to this bench. “… There are numerous explosions occurring, and I was present with Eva and the children while they were staying close in a hotel.


When I received a call in the middle of a scenario, Eva asked how long the explosions would last because the girls were in a piano Zoom class.