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On The Kardashians, Pete Davidson Won’t Be Seen Too Much

The Season 2 teaser for ” The Kardashians ” on Hulu is misleading. Although Pete Davidson appears in the teaser, insiders tell Page Six that he has a very limited role in the program.

An insider informed page six, “He’s in the background, but the actual world is not intended for guys like Pete. As she begins her new romance with Davidson, 28, Kim Kardashian, 41, thinks in the preview that “life is fantastic.”

She declares, “I have a new guy, and I’m really having a fantastic time.” In the following video, Kim Kardashian gives him a suggestive offer in front of her sister Khloé Kardashian while the now-ex-couple attends the Met Gala.

She questioned Davidson, “Babe, would you like to shower with me really quickly?” Khloé watches in disbelief as Davidson races behind her, but we’ve been informed those brief appearances in the show may be the only ones we get of the “Saturday Night Live” alum.

The insider admitted that Kardashian “was always extremely respectful of that” and labeled Davidson as “a very private individual.”

He didn’t appear in the first season. He’s not a member of that world, they remarked. I’m not sure how the second season is going. The nine-month relationship between the founder of Skims and Davidson came to an end earlier this month, primarily due to “distance and schedules.”

While Kim is busy running several businesses, raising her children, and dealing with her estranged ex-husband, Kanye West, Davidson has been abroad in Australia completing a new project.

The judgment is in on how and if it will play out in “The Kardashians,” which will air on Hulu on September 22. Kim Kardashian went to the gym over the weekend wearing a little nude bikini top ($38) and side-tie bottom ($36) from her Skims swimsuit collection, accessorized with Yeezy thigh-high stiletto boots.

She posted a string of steamy and sweaty images in which she seemed to be makeup-free, “I do my own heavy work.”