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Lucy Hale Might Appear In New Spin off “Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin” In An Exclusive Cameo

“Pretty Little Liars” was a show that everyone loved for its drama and climaxes. The show was something that many people were obsessed with when it was shown and fans have loved that show ever since. Lucy Hale was one of the biggest characters on the show, starring as Aria Montgomery. She was one of the few characters that everyone loved no matter what.

The original show of “Pretty Little Liars” ended many years ago. However, a prequel to the show with new characters is being made by the name of “Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin”. Fans are extremely excited to see what happens in the world of pretty little liars. At the premiere of Pretty Little Liars, Lucy Hale made an appearance.

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During an interview on the red carpet, Lucy mentioned that it had been five years since she had been back at Warner Brothers. She mentioned how excited she was to be back at the same set again.

She has also seen some of the new episodes of the show and claims that they are cool. She also mentioned that some parts of the show were what originally happened in the original show however they had made the new show in such a way that there was a freshness to it.

Lucy Hale also mentioned that she never expected the show to have such a reach. She mentioned that she knew it would change her life forever but had not expected the extent to which it did. Lucy Hale is friends with one cast member of “Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin” called Bailee Madison. She mentioned that she had told Bailee Madison to just enjoy it as much as she could because she understood how overwhelming it could get.

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When asked if she would act in the new series, she mentioned how perfectly the character separated in the last one. She also gave a vague answer to if she would act in the show again so fans are hoping this means she will.


Fans are incredibly excited about the prospect of Lucy Hale showing up as her character in the new show. Even if this does not happen, fans are ecstatic about the new show in general.