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Lizzo Released A Humorous Video With Her Fans Wearing A Balenciaga-Branded Outfit She Had Worn For A Recent Gloss Photo Shoot

The singer continued to dance to one of her songs while wearing the motion-impairing garment, repeating the series of actions that quickly became popular on TikTok.

The fact that Lizzo ‘s thighs were wrapped in the sticky tape without any further layers of clothes is also visible in the video, which alarmed the American performer’s followers immediately.

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Remember that Kim Kardashian earlier donned a form-fitting scotch outfit at the most recent Paris runway presentation of the clothing line for the fall/winter 2022–23 season?

Since Lizzo just released her fourth studio album, Special, and is currently aggressively marketing it, we can be sure that we will see the singer, who is known for her provocative attire, in stunning photographs more than once.

In a previous post, The singer posted cute pictures of herself enjoying the sun and swimming in the pool while wearing a blue and white tie-dye swimsuit and top on social media. To her more than 12.5 million fans, the 34-year-old Truth Hurts singer pleaded, “take care of yourself now.”

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The young woman, who is known for encouraging self-confidence, posted two sexy photographs of herself in the mirror while wearing a crop top and black leggings and accessorizing with wavy hair and eye makeup.

In addition, Lizzo flaunted the ideal summer manicure, which featured cherries, emojis, yellow flames, and her company name, Yitty.

Chris Evans declined her request to play piano on the forthcoming album Special two weeks prior to the publication of this piece. On the Spout podcast series, the singer and the actor exchanged discourse.


In a previous post, In two provocative selfies taken in the mirror, the girl, who is known for encouraging self-confidence, can be seen wearing a crop top, black leggings, and cosmetics. Her hair is styled in waves, and she has dark eyes. Along with cherries, emojis, yellow flames, and her company name Yitty, Lizzo also flaunted the ideal summer manicure.