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Lesa Milan Seems To Have Something Major In Common With Kenya Moore And Fans Love It

Lesa Milan is a fashion designer and actress that has gained a lot of following in the last few years. She’s been acting in the reality show “Real Housewives Of Dubai”. She’s always the center of attention in the show and is one of the most beautiful women out there.

Lesa Milan is the designer of a luxury maternity clothes brand called Mina Roe. These clothes have been loved and worn by multiple celebrities. Some of the celebrities who have enjoyed Mina Roe include Beyonce, Serena Williams, Gigi Hadid, Khloe Kardashian, Katy Perry as well as many other women. She’s incredibly successful in her life and is truly an inspiration for many due to how much she has accomplished in her life.

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During a recent interview, Lesa Milan was asked if she had already been a fan of the franchise before she joined it. She admitted that she was a fan of the franchise from day one and that she had been reached out to by Kenya Moore . They were both in a beauty pageant and she bonded over that with Kenya.

Lesa Milan won Miss Jamaica in 2010 while Kenya won Miss USA in 1993. The two had the same kind of accomplishment and this was something that Lesa Milan mentioned in her interview.

In the interview, she also spoke about other parts of her life. She mentioned how she had a wonderful husband Richard Hall who is a real estate developer. She is extremely devoted to her husband and the two seem to have a wonderful and loving relationship.

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She is also the mother of three boys named Kristian, Maximillian, and Sebastian. She’s a dedicated mother to her boys and is loved by her family and friends. She also believes in women’s empowerment and takes all of her chances to speak up for the women that may be struggling. Her social media focuses on connecting with different women all around the world and helping them in whichever way she can.


It is also rumored that she dislikes her cast members on “Real Housewives Of Dubai”. Despite all this, fans seem to love her and cherish her energy. She’s becoming famous fast and fans adore her.