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Kingdom Hearts 2 Sora Nendoroid Announced From Good Smile Company

Good Smile Company has announced a collaboration with Square Enix to bring Sora to life. A new Nendoroid featuring the Kingdom Hearts 2 version of the character is now available for preorder.

This isn’t the company’s first time releasing Kingdom Hearts Nendoroids. The first version of Sora was his classic appearance from the first game. A Nendoroid of Riku was also released in July. It’s unknown if other characters from the series will join the Nendoroid line in the future.

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Kingdom Hearts 2 Sora is fully articulated and has some differences from the first version of the toy. He comes with three face plates that display a smile, determined expression, plus a face to use while he’s enjoying ice cream. The face places are changeable by removing his plastic front bangs, replacing the face, then re-attaching the hair.

Sora also comes with his Kingdom Key, which allows him to recreate scenes from the game. From the promotional photos, the key looks similar to the first release. However, Sora has an alternate hand grip that allows him to hold other weapons from other Kingdom Hearts Nendoroids.

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Sora is also packaged with additional limb accessories. These are used to create various poses, and battle moves from the game.

As with all Nendoroids, Sora is packaged with a clear plastic base to perform gravity-defying moves or airborne attacks. A clear stand is inserted into the character’s back and into the base. Due to the size and weight of Sora’s head, he cannot stand on his own.

Kingdom Hearts 2 was first launched in 20005 for the PlayStation 2. The action RPG is a sequel to the first game and brings back the popular characters from the first game. Characters from other Square Enix franchises like Final Fantasy plus popular Disney characters also appear in the game.

Kingdom Hearts 2 is technically the third game in the series. It takes place one year after the Game Boy Advance game Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. Kingdom Hearts 2 was quite popular among fans and has won several awards.

Those interested in purchasing the figure can do so now from Good Smile Company‘s official website or other authorized retailers. Japan is still restricting certain shipments to countries worldwide. Buyers should try and choose a retailer offering the figure within their region to receive it within a timely manner.

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The Kingdom Hearts 2 Sora Nendoroid is available to preorder now until December 10. The toy is expected to ship in May 2021.