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Keith Urban showed what his wife Nicole Kidman looks like without makeup

The actress responded to the singer with an equally candid photo

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban recently celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary. The couple congratulated each other with candid posts on personal accounts.

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The 55-year-old Oscar-winning actress posted a photo from their wedding, writing that these 16 years together were wonderful, and she still remembers that day as if it were yesterday.

But the 54-year-old singer put them with Nicole’s selfie, in which the actress is almost unrecognizable. First, she posed in oversized sunglasses that covered half her face and a straw hat.

Secondly, the actress was without a gram of makeup and jewelry. Thirdly, her hair was pulled back. And if it weren’t for Keith, who captioned the photo:

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“Happy 16 years with this baby,” then no one would have ever guessed that his wife Nicole Kidman was next to him.

Recall that Nicole and Keith got married in 2006 in Australia. The couple has two daughters together: 13-year-old Sunday Rose and 11-year-old Faith Margaret.

Also, Kidman has two adopted children who appeared in her life when she was married to Tom Cruise: Isabella Jane and Connor Anthony these children do not communicate with their mother, as she disapproves of their religious views (they are fond of Scientology).

In a previous post, In 1999, the film “Eyes Wide Shut” was released, in which Nicole played along with her husband, Tom Cruise. Many consider this picture a turning point not only for the relationship of this star couple although they divorced only in 2001 but also in the image of an actress.

She began to experiment with styling and got acquainted with red lipstick, although she was still more often seen with minimalist makeup with pink lips.


And during this period, the actress was first suspected of having turned to a plastic surgeon and began to abuse fillers.