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Jordyn Woods Wears Sexy Cutout Dress, Celebrating Her 23rd Birthday Week

The Californian beauty followed by over 11 million fans is celebrating her birthday week, posting a bunch of photos on Instagram, and revealing just how hot things will get later today! She’s turning 23 today, on September 23, and it’s going to be quite a party by the looks of it.

Jordyn Woods shared a photo of her wearing a hot black cutout dress that looked a little too much like the one her ex-BFF Kylie Jenner wore on her 23rd b-day. Was it all just a coincidence?

Looking at all the details in her photo, we’d think Jordyn has been secretly been “keeping up with” one of the Kardashians. That’s because Kylie Jenner‘s birthday setup looked a bit too similar to the one we saw in Jordyn’s photos.

First, it’s the same tropical location, then there’s the Farai London cutout dress. And not to mention the same pose!

We’ll show you the two photos and let you be the judge of that. But first, let’s check out Jordyn’s photo, which she had shared last night, along with a series of photos in a swimming pool.

The black dress reveals all her curves, her waistline, and her toned legs. But Jordyn wasn’t the only one wearing a dress like this.

Kylie rocked the same Gaia dress on August 13, during her getaway to the Turks and Caicos on her b-day. Notice that both Kylie and Jordyn had the same pose, with one hand holding their hair and the other one resting on their thighs.

Megan Thee Stallion also wore a black Gaia dress on September 5, and it’s no wonder why many famous ladies have chosen this outfit. It shows a lot of bare skin and curves! And the great thing is that the Black-owned company based in London sells this dress at $116!

As for her swimming pool attire, Jordyn wore a gold Versace Barocco print swimming suit, and had a matching pool floatie! Now we don’t care she’s borrowing a page from her ex-BFF birthday photo session. The girl knows how to have fun and looks great while doing it.