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Jordyn Woods Destroys The Competition With Latest Bathing Suit Photos Which Explain Why Karl-Anthony Towns Cannot Keep His Hands To Himself Around Her — Critics Say She Is All Plastic

Jordyn Woods is putting her fantastic curves on display for social media fans, and most of them are salivating over her latest photos.

In the pictures, the young woman is wearing a Dior bikini while in Cabo celebrating her 23rd birthday.

Interestingly enough, Kim Kardashian wore the same bikini in April 2017 while vacationing in Punta Mita. Her sister, Kourtney Kardashian, was celebrating her birthday.

The media personality also sported futuristic sunglasses and had her hair braided. Kylie Jenner’s former friend looks fantastic, and she was able to start a real debate about plastic surgery.

Some commenters have praised for being all-natural, while others believe firmly that she had help from a great surgeon to look this good.

One person convinced that Woods did all the work on her own explained, “Her body is real and the people claiming it aint are just insecure and really need to believe its fake to feel better about themselves 🤷‍♀️.”

A critic replied, “People saying she’s natural, you’re tripping. You guys do know ppl with big thighs get BBLS as well. 😂😂”

This commenter brought up an interesting point about photo editing: “I wish she could quit photoshopping her body, she’s a beautiful thick girl, just embrace it!!!”

A fourth social media poster linked Woods’s looks to her current state of mind and added, “When a woman is happy and carefree, everything starts shinning. Everyone was saying she would make it and messed up. Look at her now so happy for this queen.”

This backer revealed why Woods deserves credit for her body: “If you followed Jordyn, you would have known she has her own work out a fitness program and sells fitness clothing, etc. And you can see her working out daily.”

It is hard to give one side the upper hand in this conversation, but it is clear that Woods looks her best at the moment. Moreover, the truth is probably a mixture of all the things mentioned in the answers above, a little bit of everything does wonders.

She was able to bounce back after the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal that she blamed on alcohol. She is now dating basketball star Karl-Anthony Towns, who can never keep his hands to himself when he is around her.