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Jason Alexander Was Convicted Of Trespassing And Misconduct After Trespassing Into Britney Spears’ House

After breaking into her house on the day of her June wedding to Sam Asghari, Britney Spears ‘ former Jason Alexander was convicted of discreditable conduct and violence.

In accordance with a press statement from the Ventura County District Attorney’s office in California, Alexander filed a plea of not guilty to the counts of discreditable conduct and assault on Thursday.

Richard Eubeler, the security guard who approached him at the scene, and Spears were both the subjects of felony protective orders that forbade him from approaching them within 100 yards of each other.

According to Rolling Stone and Billboard, Alexander received a 128-day jail term as well, but because he had already served 64 days in the Ventura County Jail, Due to his “good behavior,” he was given credit for that period and is no longer obliged to serve the remainder.

The 40-year-old Glory artist and his boyhood pal Alexander wed at the Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas and were wed for 55 hours in January 2004.

Alexander, 40, broke into her house on June 9 and was later taken into custody on a warrant. He revealed their wedding decor, which was still being set up by party planners, while he wandered around the property while life streaming himself on Instagram at the time.

He was heard calling out Spears’ name and telling guards he had an invitation to the wedding.

Due to his “good behavior,” he was given credit for that period and is no longer obliged to serve the remainder.

“So, gentlemen here’s the lowdown on the bull— wedding. Hello, Jason Alexander, “He said as he greeted the employees and even shook their hands. “Jason Alexander is my name. I was invited here by Britney, “Alexander asserted.

“I’m at Britney Spears’ invitation. She is my only wife and my first wife. Her first husband was me. To interrupt the wedding, I’ve arrived.”

Vicky T, Spears’ assistant, later offered an update, stressing that the bride-to-be was uninjured. Vicky T was informed about the intrusion by admirers on Instagram. Asghari, 28, and the singer of “Toxic” were still able to enjoy their happily ever after the wedding during this time.