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It Takes Two Will Take Coop Fans On An Epic Adventure In March, 2021

Enter into a genre-bending platform adventure as It Takes Two heads directly for the spotlight. After its grand reveal during the 2020 Game Awards, It Takes Two has quickly gained fan popularity as a unique cooperative expereince. After the success of A Way Out, the developers knew they wanted to make another interesting and innovative cooperative experience.

It Takes Two is a unique storytelling experience that will require two players to enjoy. By bringing fans back to a local multiplayer experience, it drives building a closer relationship for the player by sharing in the creation of a unique and driving stroy. Players are sure to enjoy this unique experience as they dive deeper into the joy that cooperative gaming can give a community.

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It Takes Two is a romantic comedy that stretches the bounds of video game storytelling. Follow the adventure of a small family that is in danger of separating after Rose and Cody decide to get a divorce. Fearing for the loss of her family, she creates dolls representing her family and puts them into an epic adventure.

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The story is dangerous, funny, and creative. Players will have to evolve as they follow a crazy book character called Dr. Hakim who acts as the parent’s personal love guru and spiritual guide. By putting the couple into unique and different situations, they slowly build up a new bond and learn why they got married in the first place.

The goal of the developers was to push for an experience that was less repetitive and more mechanically driven. There is a true connection between the two characters where their adventure becomes almost personal and relevant to every player’s life.

One interesting feature within the title is the blending of varying genres when it comes to in-game activities. Where sometimes it is a puzzle game, other times it is a platformer. The changing theme sand controls make it an exciting and driving experience.

From the trailer alone, this title looks like a wild ride for all parties involved. Explore the strange world, learn about the characters, and learn to love and trust again in this unique and driving game experience.

This title is great for players of ages Do be warned, the title requires multiplayer functionality alongside a unique and driving narrative, so players need to bring a friend and be ready for almost anything.

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It Takes Two is looking at a release in March of 2021 on multiple platforms.