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In This Sci-Fi FPS, The Gravity Gun From Half-Life 2 Meets Stalker’s Exclusion Zone

Since your arm has been replaced with a prosthetic that functions like a gravity rifle and can pull objects toward you, you may throw them as missiles; Adaca’s single-player sci-fi FPS immediately has a Half-Life 2 vibe to it.

Additionally, in Adaca, everything is an item, including cinder blocks, file cabinets, crates, and barrels that explode. If you have staggered your adversary, you can even yoink the weapons from their hands.

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The bad men somewhat resemble the Combine officers from HL2 in terms of appearance, radio barks (albeit they yell “shit shit shit” instead of “outbreak outbreak outbreak”), and propensity to be dropped down by dropships.

It is enjoyable to rush into a group of foes, attack one at close distance, seize a weapon and toss it at another, and then fly back into cover again.

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Movement and combat are swift because you move through the area as though you were on skates. As you progress through the straight levels of the game, fighting your way through puzzles based on gravity, occasionally finding new weapons, and sometimes discovering various objects to toss at the cops, there is a small amount of gravitational pull ecologic puzzle solving.

The campaign is divided into two episodes, each with roughly a dozen levels, and a third episode is promised to be released soon. This is as close to Half-Life 2 as you will get.

Adaca’s Zone Patrol mode intrigues me more than the linear quest. You play a unique character in this non-linear open world that is entirely independent of the campaign (albeit you retain your gravity arm) and has much more of a Stalker feel.

You can explore a large environment that has been divided into distinct zones while completing quests or just wandering off-script.

So gear up at your hub, head out into the zone, search for priceless artifacts to sell back at base, engage in combat with wandering factions, discover new weapons, and even cooperate with AI-controlled allies.