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In Mass Effect 3, You Can Finally Have The Physical Desire With Joker

In the Mass Effect trilogy, there are plenty of heroes to fall in love with. With Ashley Williams, Liara T’Soni, Kaidan Whatsisname, Miranda, Jack, Garrus, Tali, Javik, that bizarre fish guy everyone stans, that non-fish dude everyone dislikes, and a few others, based on which Commanding officer Shepard game you’re playing, you can enjoy long-lasting relations and awkward cutscene coitus.

Is that truly sufficient – you’re horny in space, though? Possibly one more? You may now add Jeff “Joker” Moreau to your potentially endless list of intimate victories in Mass Effect 3, thanks to The Hatboy Project hack. The witty and lovable pilot of the SSV Normandy “creates a brand-new romance tale for the player to discover” in the mod.

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A customarily uncomfortable Mass Effect sex cutscene has been included, along with new branches of conversation, specially written romantic editions of discussions, new acoustic voice lines, the choice to progress from having a fling to a steady relationship, and yes, even a “romantic drama scene that is in trying to keep with the other flavored choices.”

How is that even feasible? You can see a portion of the mod in the release trailer below, featuring new voice lines for Joker that appear to be a combination of spliced existing speech and AI voice-acting software (xVASynth is acknowledged on the project’s page).

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Seth Green actually does sound like the Joker, and the one time there is a tiny amount of odd inflection that doesn’t completely land, it’s quite believable. It’s still very impressive, though.

There are a tonne of video clips on The Hatboy Project’s YouTube channel if you want to see more, and the dev blog here will explain how the mod was created. With this in-depth examination of some particularly challenging dialogue, you can get things going. Sadly, neither version of Commander Shepard can romance Joker.