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In An Interview With People, Mindy Kaling Also Discussed The Extraordinarily Favorable Response She Got From The Netflix Series’ Viewers, Calling It The ‘Greatest Surprise’

When discussing the third season of the television series Never Have I Ever, the showrunner told people how much of herself can be seen in the story and the actors.

At the Never Have I Ever season 3 red carpet debut on Thursday, 43-year-old actress Mindy Kaling told people that one of the best things about a program like this and making it is that every character, in her opinion, embodies a distinct facet of her character.

She confessed, “I am restless, like Nalini [Poorna Jagannathan], and kind of no bullshit.” “I believe like [I] have the same mentality toward youth and effectiveness that she does,” he said.

“But I truly can identify with Devi [Maitreyi Ramakrishnan] and her desire to be liked, accepted, and her desire for a lover on a very basic level. Everything about it feels like it could have come from my youth, “Kaling disclosed. The actresses, according to Kailing, bring special features to the show’s relevance and emphasize its themes of tolerance, love, and connection.

She remarked, “I feel so fortunate to have Poorna and Maitreyi, these amazing actresses, who can really, like, bring that to life in a manner that we could’ve never even envisioned as authors. Kaling also mentioned in her interview with people that she was taken aback by the response she got from fans of the Netflix show.

She said, “We believed only a particular group of individuals would enjoy this show, but that wasn’t the case. “And it allowed us the courage to pursue more of these narratives that we had before been uncomfortable exploring because they seemed too particular or unlikely to be well-received.

That was the biggest revelation to me, so to speak.” After two seasons of turbulent romance, the main heroine Devi of Never Have I Ever’s second season ended with her reaching a decision regarding her love life.