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Iggy Azalea Has Returned To Rap And It Looks Like She Has Something To Say To Her Haters

The rap world has been advancing massively over the last few decades. Many rappers are popping up on the scene and it seems like many of them aren’t getting the recognition they deserve. But some rappers and performers stay in the hearts of their fans even after they may announce retirement. Such is the case of one, Iggy Azalea .

Lucky for fans, Iggy Azalea doesn’t seem to be holding onto her promise of retirement. The rapper first claimed she was leaving the music industry after negativity had gone insane around her. She seemed like she couldn’t take it anymore yet she’s back and better than ever to perform for her fans.

In a recent tweet, Iggy announced that she had walked away from music because of all the negativity she had been receiving. However, she has realized that no matter what she does, hates will still hate her. So, she has decided to come back into music and do her thing. In her Tweet she also said, if she couldn’t have peace, neither could anyone else. Boss statement from a boss lady.

The news made all of Iggy’s fans incredibly happy. Many fans had been bummed out that she had stopped her music as many of her fans were fiercely loyal supporters. However, hearing that she was coming back gave fans a new reason to enjoy.

Millions of people replied to her original Tweet with support and love for the rapper. Fans were ecstatic to hear that their favorite rapper would be making content again and they retweeted her original tweet calling her a boss woman and saying that she was made for this. A few fans even recommended her collaborating with different artists which included Cardi B, and Kesha.

The whole situation has got fans pumped up for what Iggy is about the do next. Because Iggy is known to be extreme with her shows and videos, fans can’t wait to see what she brings them next. And even Iggy seems to be extremely excited to be in the industry again.