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Ideal Initial Planning Is Being Done By Starfield Modders To Create A Fan Patch

Although the hotly anticipated sci-fi RPG is more than six months away from its projected launch, a team of modders has been organizing to produce a Starfield Community Patch to fix flaws in the game. This news was first reported by PCGamesN.

Bethesda game patches by fans have a long history. Projects like the Unauthorized Oblivion Patch deal with thankless, lunch pail tasks like fixing mesh defects, scripting hiccups, and misaligned object charms that resisted authorized issue solutions with flashier mods that add Master Chief to Skyrim or a McDonald’s to Morrowind.

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After reinstalling an old favorite, my normal first stop is to grab the corresponding patch for that particular game. Particularly those powered by the Gamebryo and Creation engines that Bethesda has been developing since Morrowind and has introduced to Starfield.

It makes it natural that the modders behind the Starfield Community Patch would really want to plan ahead and get started, given the degree of anticipation for Starfield and Bethesda’s record of release day problems.

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However, I can’t help imagining a scenario in which too many individuals are attempting to squeeze in the door at once Even once Starfield is released, Bethesda will still be working hard to resolve issues, and both the official team and community patchers may find themselves pressed for time.

But, I’m confident the Starfield Community Patch will show to be just as important after the initial frenzy as earlier unauthorized upgrades.

The fact that such a project is in progress even before Starfield debuts speaks something about Bethesda’s credibility. Although I always believe that non-game-breaking or successful execution bugs might add a little texture to a game, I find it hilarious how this kind of endeavor is such an obvious failure.

It should come as any surprise, but when I received the information, I just nodded in agreement. You can always count on NPCs asking each other about the Fighter’s Guild, whether they are in the gentle highlands of Cyrodiil or the furthest regions of space.