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Gabrielle Union Publicly Flaunts Her Love For Zaya Wade – See Their Photos Together

Gabrielle Union has publicly flaunted her love for Zaya Wade and shared some gorgeous pics on her social media account. Check out her recent post below.

A commenter said: ‘Beautiful girl, beautiful mama ❤️’ and someone else said: ‘You are the best mom. 💞💞 Zaya is so lucky to have you.’

A commenter posted this: ‘Bronny and Zaya would make a good couple,’ and someone else said: ‘She is so lucky to have you! Support means everything..’

A follower said: ‘And that’s on being a great parent! My 12-year-old son is gay, and I love him so much! Love wins!’

A commenter said: ‘I love her so much she seems so sweet. Y’all are doing a good job!’ and someone else posted this message: ‘Thank you @gabunion, for showing what real parenting is. You and your family are a light in this darkness. Y’all are absolutely stunning. 🔥🔥’

Someone else wrote: ‘I ABSOLUTELY how you support and love unconditionally…. you were a mother long before Kav,’ and a follwoer said: ‘@gabunion Happy kid!! We need to see smiles like that on all kids no matter what! Be a better world.’

One commenter posted this message: ‘That second to the last pic 😩🔥, y’all snapped! Love these ❤️,’ and someone else said: ‘Beautiful blessings @gabunion you have a heart of gold❤️.’

One other Instagrammer said: ‘#SimplyBeautiful @gabunion you are amazing!!!! You should write a book and tell these stupid parents how to truly love your child just the way they are,’ and someone else posted this: ‘So excited for all the mommy-daughter twinning going on. Loved it in the 80s and 90s. I hope folks have a window of this forever. We grow up and don’t wanna match anymore. And then we come back home ❤️❤️.’

In other recent news, Gabrielle Union and her baby girl, Kaavia James are twinning in these photos.

They’re wearing matching outfits, and you can also check them out.

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