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For The ‘No Body’ Music Video, Blake Shelton Says Sporting A Mullet Once More Sounded Totally Natural

In case the original supporters are curious, yep, Blake Shelton is going back to the ’90s, and the mullet is also making a comeback.

The music video for Shelton’s most recent song, “No Body,” which was released on Friday, was also accompanied by the song. Shelton pays homage to the 1990s in the song, the decade in which he went to Nashville in order to pursue his career as a country artist.

Shelton chose to go back in time to a time when country bars were packed with line dancers in order to depict this concept in the music video and recreate the feeling of being a teenager.

“I distinctly recall telling Scott Hendricks, his producer, that this song would have had a line dance to it if it had been released in the 1990s. Explains Shelton, 46, to PEOPLE. “We didn’t look back after that at all.” Along with the ’90s-themed bar and line dancing, Shelton chose to fully embrace the theme by donning his trademark mullet and cowboy hat.

He claims, “I felt absolutely natural donning the mullet.” “Making the video in this specific pub in particular. There was no air conditioning running. There was a lot of heat.”

Adds, “My side of my face and neck were covered in hair. And I distinctly recall thinking, “Oh yeah, this is why I ultimately took off my mullet.” It was physically uncomfortable, not because it was out of style or uncool.” Even though The Voice coach sported the mullet years ago, he claims he likely would never do it again.

“Since the mullet I had was uncool at the time, I suppose I don’t care about fashion trends. I don’t have a mullet now that they are fashionable. So I suppose I don’t understand. I ought to. I’m not opposed to them. I simply run a little bit late every time.”