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El Dorado: The Golden City Builder Announced For PC

PlayWay S.A. and Gameparic have announced their newest project El Dorado: The Golden City Builder. Along with the news was a short trailer and the launch of the Steam store page.

El Dorado: The Golden City Builder is a city-building economic strategy game. The game is set in pre-Columbian Latin America, where being rich doesn’t automatically translate to happiness. Anyone who angers the gods will feel their wrath, no matter how successful they are.

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Players will have to plan the expansions of their city in a way to become the most economically successful. This requires strategic urban planning since buildings can have a major impact as the game progresses.

There is plenty to work on in the expanding GOlden City. Players have to develop their city through the street grid, build working infrastructure, improve interrelationships, build places of worship, plus resource extraction sites to ensure construction can continue. Players can expect many extensive mechanics found in city-builder games in El Dorado: The Golden City Builder.

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Building the city is only a part of the game. Players have to manage rebellions, social unrest, military threats, and the constantly changing political environment. The geopolitical environment around the city will also have a direct impact.

Builders have to juggle many important parts of their city at once, but also deal with the power of the trade and political partners. Building a diplomatic network will help reach far beyond the city’s walls. The network’s input can either help or harm the growing city, while the community can also rebel if their needs aren’t met.

The growing city has many enemies, including natural disasters plus other hostile cities and tribes. Players have to defend their cities, send out recon patrols to learn about enemies, plus develop warriors and defense systems.

The most basic, yet most important, tasks in the game is gaining the favor of the Gods. With their good graces, players can expand freely and extend their borders. Making the gods happy will only have positive benefits, but also means those on the ground may have to sacrifice their animals or even people. Neglecting the Gods can have devastating consequences.

The Steam store page is available now for El Dorado: The Golden City Builder. Players can wishlist the game and get notified as soon as it is available or learn about the game’s development.

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El Dorado: The Golden City Builder does not yet have a release date but will launch on PC via Steam.