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Deeeer Simulator And Fight Crab Collaboration Announced For October

During the recent PLAYISM Game Show event, the indie publisher made several announcements during the two hour period. One of those announcements concerned their unique Deeeer Simulator title and Fight Crab, a fighting game starring crabs with weapons.

This October, the deer from Deeeer Simulator will appear as a playable character in Fight Crab. The character will be added in a new update, but won’t wreak havoc on the environment like in its own game.

Players can purchase the game from the Fight Crab campaign mode and play as him in battle. While the announcement was made during the Japanese PLAYISM event, the news was also posted to the English Steam store page. The update is currently in development, so more information is expected to launch soon.

During the PLAYISM event, there was a preview with screenshots. The deer holds weapons in its mouth. Some of the Fight Crab levels take place underwater, but this won’t stop the deer in its fight to win.

The collaboration was unexpected since both games have different features. Both feature animals and physics-based action with a humorous tone. However, Deeeer Simulator is about causing as much mayhem and destruction as possible.

Deeeer Simulator isn’t officially released and is currently in Steam Early Access. The game was created by a solo developer who is planning to fully launch the game in 2021. Currently, players can enjoy time on the continent of Orchestralia and play as the deer.

The full release will contain more weapons, items, and vehicles, plus Bread from I AM BREAD will appear as a guest star.

While Deeeer Simulator takes place on land, Fight Crab covers the 11 beaches, underwater, and other unique environments. Players choose from one of 23 crabs and 48 different weapons. Crabs fight with one simple rule: knock over opponents to win.

The game contains a solo campaign mode, plus 2 vs. 2, and online or offline battle modes. While players wait to fight online, they can play the campaign mode or training mode. The campaign mode has 41 different battles, including challenging difficulties.

Those who use VRoid Hub can bring their original avatar in for fun as well. After linking the games, the custom avatar will sit on top of the player’s crab.

The collaboration between Deeeer Simulator and Fight Crab is still in progress. The social media accounts and Steam store pages continue to be updated with news announcements. Unfortunately, there’s no news on if one of the Fight Crab characters will crawl its way into Deeeer Simulator anytime soon.

Deeeer Simulator and Fight Crab are both available now on PC via Steam. Fight Crab is also available on PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch.