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Dead By Daylight And Resident Evil Crossover To Feature Wesker, Ada Wong, And Rebecca Chambers

Materials for the upcoming Resident Evil and Dead by Daylight crossover have been leaked to the network.

Specifically, the leak made it known that Albert Wesker from Resident Evil 5, Ada Wong from the remake of the second chapter, and Rebecca Chambers would be a part of a new collaboration for Behavior Interactive studio’s asymmetric cooperative horror.

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Their symbols are seen, in addition to the recognizable sunglasses-wearing antagonist portraying the killer and the two survivors. The most recent DBDLeaks claim that Albert Wesker will be the crossover’s murderer and that Rebecca Chambers and Ada Wong have also passed away.

Additionally, the character models for the three characters and Prestige Charms have been leaked. We also received detailed information on each character from the same source. The Resident Evil Showrunner stated on May 29, 2011, “We shouldn’t presume that all eugenicists are superhuman.”

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Our murderer’s name is The Mastermind, and he has the following special abilities: superior anatomy, an increase in jumping speed, Awakened Consciousness, which makes it possible to see the aura of the other survivor when you’re wearing one of them, and Terminus, which gives survivors the Broken status when they wear one of them and are injured, fall, or get caught. Additionally, Wesker has the Virulent Bound Perk, which causes him to surge forward, deal damage, and apply status effects if he hits a Survivor.

The same source also stated earlier this month that a map editor would join Dead by Daylight. Unfortunately, thanks to the game’s different assets, fans have also started guessing about the same things. So this might serve as yet another advertisement for the performance on August 3.

If these reports are accurate, some Resident Evil fans might be sad to learn that their favorite characters won’t be included. However, there’s still a chance that other Survivor-supporting Resident Evil characters will be included.